Solutions that Improve Productivity and Predictability

Testing automation is an integral part of testing strategy. Our automated testing services are designed with the aim of reducing the overall costs and expenses incurred in testing processes and increase the speed with which applications can be released into the market with free from any errors or defects. Microleads employs highly optimized automated testing frameworks, tools and processes to assist our clients with effective testing of their mission-critical applications.

We offer test automation strategy planning where we help clients design the most suitable automation plan and develop an entire architecture and process to be followed for the automation. The strategy is designed keeping in mind the risk management requirements of the entire organization or any specific project and for easy integration with the overall test planning effort. Our automated test scripts are designed, documented and executed while keeping in alignment with the entire testing strategy.


Microleads is highly proficient in developing and delivering automated testing solutions and services. We help reduce the manual effort and enable significant testing cost and time savings while still the maintaining highest level of quality standards. With our automated testing services, you can accelerate your application release cycle and implement new features and functionalities into the applications faster for quicker and better business results. Minimize the project risks with our cost-efficient automated testing practices that adhere to the industry best standards.